how powerful & peaceful can You be?

Join the challenge and transform your family-leading abilities in 5 days!

Stop yo-yoing between between being overpowered by your child and overpowering them!

what you can expect from the challenge

Five days of transformational, yet do-able exercises designed to empower you to . . .

  • Gain a clear and realistic vision of your powerful mama self
    Most of us are stuck with old, outdated, male-centric views of power that actually handicap our success right from the start.
  • Truly comprehend what's making you "lose it" 
    Usually we stay stuck in negative patterns because we lack a clear picure of the roots of the problem.
  • Unmask your inner saboteur
    Even with the best intentions, we mamas have hidden beliefs that actually set us up to be in adversarial relationships with our kiddos.
  • Strengthen your "Leader Energy"
    There's a huge difference between leading our children and controlling them: now you can do the former and stop struggling.
  • Make conflict less combative
    Once we develop insights into the nature of conflict it's easier to avoid the downward spiral that's so common in many parent-child negotiations.

Make huge leaps in your ability to powerfully and peacefully lead your family in just 5 days of focused effort. Challenge materials delivered conveniently via email.

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