Living my work

My passion is supporting moms to create harmonious, authentic, and loving families.

Would you like support in:

+ Honoring yourself and your children

+ Experiencing family life filled with gratitude, peace, and joy

+ Fostering cooperation and respect without nagging, forcing, pleading with, bribing, or bullying your children

+ Fully nurture your children without giving up your own needs

+ Creating a deep connection with your children that lasts a lifetime

+ Feeling strong, confident, and authentic in who you are as a parent

If these ideas resonate with you and paint a picture of the family life you’re striving to create, please be in touch.



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“We are all capable of remarkable growth and transformation if we can learn to recognize and tap our deep inner resources and chart a path that is true to our values and to our own hearts.”

~ Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn


“Shonnie helped me have a more flexible and dynamic way of loving my children and myself when parenting is challenging.”

~ Heather, North Carolina
“Shonnie is what I was looking for, an authentic, experienced leader in the area of families, honesty and commitment. Thank you Shonnie!”

~ Rachel, North Carolina


Shonnie Lavender’s calling is to foster the evolution of humanity by supporting moms to evolve spiritually and to parent in a way that enables their children to retain their spiritual and emotional wholeness. She coaches, leads workshops, writes, and inspires families. Shonnie did her coach training at CoachU and received her coaching accreditation through the International Coach Federation. Shonnie is also a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach. She has been coaching since 2001.