3 Months of Parent Coaching. . . For FREE!

Each year I reserve space in my coaching practice for select parents to receive

FREE coaching for 3 months! That’s $900 worth of coaching for $0.


Create the family life you’re yearning for

Are there aspects of your parent-child relationship in need of attention? Is there a partnership issue with your spouse that you want to resolve? Would you like objective support rather than working on things by yourself? Do any of the parent “wish list” items below appeal to you?

“I’d like to have more patience.”

“I want my kids to be more self-sufficient.”

“I’d like our family to spend more quality time together.”

“My spouse and I want to communicate and collaborate more effectively.”

“I would like to be less anxious and have less self-doubt.”

“I want to rebuild my connection with my spouse.”

If you are ready to make positive and lasting changes such as these, my parent coaching giveaway is a great opportunity! Read on to learn about the deal and the application process.

Want to make your family life even better?

Individual parent coaching for up to 3 months for free!

That’s $900 of coaching for no cost to you!* Coaching sessions are held via telephone or skype in three sessions/month for 3 consecutive months.

Selection Process

If you are interested in applying for one of the limited free parent coaching spaces, please read through the steps below, taking action as indicated on items # 1 and 2.

  1. Read through content on Coaching and Parenting Values to ensure your overall “fit” with my values and coaching philosophy.
  2. Complete the Parent Coaching Giveaway Application by March 15, 2015.
  3. Participate in a coaching “interview” conversation over phone or skype if you are one of the initially-selected parent candidates.
  4. If chosen to receive free parent coaching, be ready to begin your 3 months of coaching by mid-April 2015.


Instead of a financial contribution, parents chosen for the free coaching spaces agree to the following forms of “payment:”

  • Parent clients must fully participate in the coaching process or risk losing their place in the program.
  • Coaching sessions are recorded for possible educational or promotional use by coach. Parent clients will be given the chance to review any identifiable recording prior to its public use.
  • Parent clients must complete brief coaching evaluations to give feedback about their experience of the coaching process.
  • Parent clients must be willing to provide a testimonial at the end of the coaching process.

“The transition to parenthood is complex, requiring us to surrender to an irrevocable loss of our identity as we have thus far known it. To create the internal space required to embrace the tending of a new spirit, the pillars of our old lifestyle have to crumble. Who we were before becoming a parent doesn’t and cannot exist with the same ferocity. Once children enter our life, their impact is indelible, and we are required to reinvent ourselves in response.”

~ Shefali Tsabary

shonnielavender-north-carolinaThis is a time-limited offer (application process closes March 15, 2015) for parents who are ready to make positive changes in themselves and their family life. If you want to take concrete steps toward a more connected, loving, peaceful, and fulfilling life, I encourage you to apply for one of my free parent coaching spots today. Learn more about me.



Shonnie Lavender’s calling is to foster the evolution of humanity by supporting moms to evolve spiritually and to parent in a way that enables their children to retain their spiritual and emotional wholeness. She coaches, leads workshops, writes, and inspires families. Shonnie did her coach training at CoachU and received her coaching accreditation through the International Coach Federation. Shonnie is also a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach. She has been coaching since 2001.