"Authenticity is Being YourSelf without Excuse"

rediscover your essence | reclaim your voice | renovate your relationships


I am passionate about supporting women on their path back to authenticity.


My biggest teacher

The two main groups of women I coach are:

  • New(ish) mamas who have seen themselves repeating old, unhealthy, ineffective parenting practices. These women have the chance to consciously create a loving, respectful, and peaceful family life by coming back to their own center and revising the beliefs and habits that have been running their life. Learn more about my parenting path and the ways I work with mamas.
  • Women who have realized that their external results or internal struggles are no longer worth repeating. These women have the opportunity to create greater compassion, trust, and connection with themselves first and then within all their other relationships. Find out how I support women in reclaiming their authentic selves.

Whether my client is a mother or woman without children, together we work to rediscover her essence, reclaim her voice, re-envision her life, and renovate her relationships. Instead of living how she’s been told she “should” live – being and doing what others say is the “right way” – each woman I coach begins to live from a place of her own choosing, being and doing what feels congruent with her inner wisdom.

Whatever the reason you ended up on this page, please read more about my beliefs and my path to see if I might be the coach you’re looking for. I can help you answer the critical questions of your life and put the answers into action.

Sharing The Journey with Other Mamas

As I’ve found a surer footing in who I am as a mama, I’ve wanted to share this path with others who have a similar yearning. Here’s who tends to resonate most with my experience and my support:

  • Mamas who, though “healthy” and “well-adjusted,” know that something gets in their way of embodying their power and compassion as a parent
  • Mamas who feel stuck when they see in themselves qualities they never wanted to have as parents
  • Mamas who are wanting to deeply connect in their children’s early years
  • Mamas who struggle with nurturing themselves as they devote so much time and energy to parenting
  • Mamas who want to parent with love, compassion, and mindfulness without losing themselves in the midst of such ongoing giving

“We are all capable of remarkable growth and transformation if we can learn to recognize and tap our deep inner resources and chart a path that is true to our values and to our own hearts.”

~ Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

What I Have on Offer

Before I tell you what I do have to share, let me clarify what I do not do. I am not the “expert” or the person with the “answers” for parenting. I don’t want to “fix” your children’s behavior. I won’t give you a list of “should” and “shouldn’t.” I won’t pretend that coercive tactics are okay, yet nor will I judge you for doing things you regret. We are human – at our best and worst – and being a parent gives us innumerable chances to experience our highs and lows (as I know from my own experience).

It is my honor and mission to walk beside the mamas I support to help them find and embody their own deep wisdom. Specific areas that we focus on include:

  • Finding your own parenting compass – developing a parenting vision and the vows that enable that vision to move from idea to reality
  • Parenting with a conscious and loving intent – moving beyond old patterns or mere reactions to those patterns (e.g., becoming permissive if your parents were very strict) to find your own “style” of parenting
  • Removing barriers that block connection – doing the spiritual and healing work to shed limiting beliefs, bolster your strengths, and neutralize your vulnerabilities
  • Simplifying family life – making the physical and emotional space that connected and effective families require to thrive

If you resonate with the parenting path I walk or the support I offer, here are possible next steps:

Ways we can release old habits of being the “good girl”

This is the heart of the empowerment coaching I do and can’t be accomplished merely by acting on a “to do” list. Rediscovering our authentic self is a process that takes intention, time, and support. I love to work with women who are ready to make that journey. That being said, I can offer a few general ideas that you can use right now to become more real.

  • Take time to answer others’ requests and invitations. A buffer of time (anywhere from a few minutes for the small stuff to a day or more for bigger decisions) can help you tell a true “yes” from a people-pleasing “yes” or a “no it’s not for me” from a “no” said out of fear.
  • Notice where you are on your own priority or “to do” list. Take the opportunity to move something that’s genuinely for you up a notch or two or make sure that your self-care isn’t coming only after you’ve checked off all the tasks you do for your family or work.
  • Start giving your wants, opinions, and ideas more air time. Whether this means stating what you want to eat for dinner, making a direct request for your partner’s help in a task, or simply sharing how you’re feeling, these actions help you demonstrate that you matter.
  • Express your feelings – even the ones you don’t normally put on display. Let the emotions flow without judgment or any attempts to control them (except for keeping your expression free of true harm for you or others who are present).You can do this privately at first or only with people who you know are committed to your personal growth.

Are you ready to see if being “good” is getting in your way of being fulfilled? Let’s have a complimentary coaching session to see if it’s time to bust out of your “good girl” ways!

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