Coaching with Shonnie

I coach women to reclaim their authentic voice and authority over their own lives.

shonnie-seatedMy clients are amazing women, inspiring women, strong women, vulnerable women, courageous women…yet they often aren’t living as authentically or powerfully as they could because of limiting beliefs, habits, and choices. Whatever the reason you ended up on this page, I encourage you to read on to see if I might be the coach you’re looking for. I can help you answer the critical questions of your life and put the answers into action.

I’m a fantastic coach for women who…

  • are incredibly demanding of themselves, living with exceptionally high and usually unrealistic expectations of what they “should” do, have, or be at all times;
  • unconsciously strive to please others at all costs fearing the loss of love and approval if the important people in their lives aren’t happy and well-cared for;
  • are often outwardly successful and satisfied, underneath they may harbor unspoken feelings of sadness, loss, guilt, anger, fear, and unease.

If you resonate with any of these descriptions, contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation. To read more about my credentials and the types of coaching I provide, visit my Services & Credentials page.

Testimonials from clients

“In only three or four sessions with Shonnie, I dramatically increased my productivity and income! As a result, I now have more free time and a greater opportunity to pursue my creative writing. Shonnie is a wise, intuitive, and enthusiastic coach, and I’m grateful for her ongoing support in my life.”

~ Susan

“Thank you for everything you have inspired me to do up to this point! I so appreciate your motivating words and compassionate voice! You are very good at what you do.I have managed to get a job and get my schooling figured out and truly that is what I wanted to accomplish, I just never thought it would come together this quickly.”

~ Julie