"Authenticity is Being YourSelf without Excuse"

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I am passionate about supporting women on their path back to authenticity.

The two main groups of women I coach are:

New(ish) mamas who have seen themselves repeating old, unhealthy, ineffective parenting practices. These women have the chance to consciously create a loving, respectful, and peaceful family life by coming back to their own center and revising the beliefs and habits that have been running their life. Learn more about my parenting path and the ways I work with mamas.

Women who have realized that their external results or internal struggles are no longer worth repeating. These women have the opportunity to create greater compassion, trust, and connection with themselves first and then within all their other relationships. Find out how I support women in reclaiming their authentic selves.

Parenting support

I support each mama to find her own parenting compass; parent with a conscious and loving intent – moving beyond old patterns or mere reactions to those patterns; remove barriers that block connection – doing the spiritual and healing work to shed limiting beliefs; and simplify family life – making the physical and emotional space that connected and effective families require to thrive.

“We are all capable of remarkable growth and transformation if we can learn to recognize and tap our deep inner resources and chart a path that is true to our values and to our own hearts.”

~ Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Parenting values

Two elements comprise the foundation of the work I do with mamas. First is that I trust our hearts as our primary parenting guide. The wisdom in each of our hearts is what can lead us to be the kind of parents we want to be and our kids want us to be as well. Parenting in a heart-led way requires courage, patience, and trust because we’ve learned to distrust our hearts in favor of our heads. Second is that the results of our parenting are more about who we are and the choices we make than they are about who are children are. Too much of the advice for parents is about controlling children and working on them. I work with mamas on who they are because this is where the capacity for healing, change, and power actually reside.

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