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Is Your Family Life in Need of Restoration?

  • Feeling guilt and frustration with yourself as a parent?
  • Getting irritated or even angry with your children?
  • Lacking encouragement for parenting in new ways?
  • Craving something different at home but unsure how to get it?

I support loving, dedicated moms and dads to break away from handed-down parenting practices and rediscover their way, their patience, and their passion for creating peaceful family life that works for everyone. Keep reading below to learn more about my philosophy, my work, and the resources I have for conscious families. I look forward to connecting with you!
Shonnie Lavender

Shonnie Lavender

MetaMOMphosis: A Transformational Journey

Shonnie Lavender

You want to be more self-assured, not feel such guilt or worry that you’re “screwing up” your child, and feel more joy, peace, and connection with your child. You’re yearning for more confidence, peace of mind, and ease… so that you can relax and enjoy motherhood, your child, and life lots more. MetaMOMphosis includes small group coaching twice per month, ongoing support via private Facebook group, and topic-specific trainings. The 12-week program is very support oriented so you are guided, inspired, coached, taught, listened to, and shepherded throughout the program. No more going it alone or feeling isolated in your journey to parent in alignment with your deepest values. Visit this page, or contact me via Facebook messenger or at coach at shonnielavender dot com to learn more.

What’s My Take on Parenting Anyway?

I’d love for you to get a sense of my parenting perspective to see if what I offer feels like a fit for you and your family. If these or other videos speak to you, click the “Connect with Shonnie” tab at the bottom of my screen or reach out to me on Facebook.

Ready to Sample My Work Yourself?

Many parents find value in my self-paced classes. Below find my free Powerful Peaceful Mama Challenge and my paid courses.

Stop Shame E-Course

Learn how to influence and guide your child without resorting to unconsciously shaming them and damaging their self-worth. This is the program I spoke about on the Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM.

Taming the Tiger E-Course

Discover the steps to stop stubbornness, defuse defiance, and raise a confident and cooperative child without heavy-handedness or harsh discipline.

Powerful Peaceful Mama

In this FREE program, you’ll learn the art of powerfully leading your children without domination or fear.
Shonnie is fully committed to your growth as a parent so if you’re fully committed to investing the time and energy, you will see amazing results! Shonnie is so skilled at meeting you where you are at and asking the right questions to support you in unlocking your own wisdom, seeing your role, and feeling empowered to make positive changes. ~ Laura

Shonnie has a great ability make you feel safe. She doesn’t talk down or give basic instructions and the best part is her willingness to make you feel included on the journey. You really feel the connection. ~ Laine

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